New Map Problem in version 7.2.179

After updating WWL to 7.2.179, the new fixed map image is WAY TO SMALL especially on Splendid 3 skin.
It also looks horribly small on Splendid 2 skin. On Splendid 4 skin, it seem to fit there okay but still it is too small, as well. Is there any way to resize the map to make it look bigger so you can see more detail or go back to the old map, which is the preferred one?
If going back to the old map is not an option or not what you want to do, could you at least give the user a choice of which map to view in the Options/Skin tab? I think having both options would be the best solution here. The wife wasn’t too happy with the changes to the new map and is why I am posting a response.

I’ve attached images so you can understand what it is we see.

Splendid2 skin

Splendid3 skin (the one we use)

Splendid4 skin (fits but the weather info below it can be squeezed together for a larger map size.)

Splendid3 (the old preferred map and how good this one looks)

splendid3 OLD

For some reason, the pics are not viewable so I posted the links to them here.

I resized the map in the new version of Weather Watcher that’s available here:

Thanks so much for doing that Mike. Slendid 3 skin looks amazing again. I like the look of the new map as it now has labels of cities and routes on it.
Now I don’t use Slendid2 skin but that resized map got a lot smaller and worse than before. Maybe try another map resize redo on that skin?
It’s up to you, really. I don’t really care one way or the other but rather just voicing an opinion for those that use that skin. Have a great day.

Got a screenshot so I can see what you’re describing?

Sure thing Mike… See image below:

Just a suggestion for Splendid 2 skin. Use the same exact coding you did to change Splendid 3 skin.
As it is now, Splendid 2’s map is not resizable like on skin 3. It seems to be fixed, in size. On skin 3, when I resize the window, the map also resizes which is nice. That would be the goal for skin 2?

That’s actually how it should look.

While I could make improvements to that old skin, I was simply trying to reproduce what already existed prior to the new radar map addition. I rarely go back and make improvements to old skins.

Okay, gotcha on skin #2. Nonetheless, Splendid 3’s map looks incredibly sharp and clean now. Nice job Mike. Thanks for fixing it.

Yeah! Thanks much for 7.2.183 and the much sharper/clearer map. Very noticeable improvement