New icons for the tray

Hi, first of all many thanks for your great software !!!

I would like to know how to add some new icons to show the weather on the tray (near the clock). Is there a package to add, a site to download from ? Can i modify some I found around ? How ?

Thanks in advantage for your reply.

Otello. From Italy.

There are several threads here that discuss icons.

Lots of Weather icons

weather icons

WW icon

plus others.

If you chose the Additional skins option when installing WW you should have 6 sets of icons.

If you chose to create your own set you simply need to follow the naming and meaning stardard for the icons. I wrote a webpage to help with that a while ago. Check out this thread:

Create your own forecast icons

Post back if you need help and especially if you develop any new sets. :icon_smile: