New feature appeared and disappeared

For a while yesterday and today when I clicked on the Alerts tab there was a second tab there that showed current snow fall amounts. The tab had HTML symbols on the header tab (obviously a coding glitch) but that entire tab had never been there before and it disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. I really loved having that information and am hoping it will reappear?

Also in an older version there was an option to have temperatures below 0F to show up in a different font color. Is that going to be put back in? I really liked that too.

Overall, I really love this program. For this area (south eastern Wisconsin), it’s far more accurate than other programs. My other half uses a program for NWS that is never as accurate as the predictions I get from WW. That is one reason I haven’t switched to WWLive. Why change from the small footprint and accuracy I get with WW. I recommend your program to anyone wanting weather programs.


Alerts tab? What skin are you using? What version of WW are you using?

Check out this thread’s postings: viewtopic.php?t=1163&start=12 I don’t know if the patch still works personally. If you try it and it does please report back.

I am using Weather Watcher 5.6.41 with the following skin settings

Splendid - Interface Skin
Splendid - Forecast Skin
Classic - Forecast Icon
Classic - Tray Icon
Classic - Tray Tooltip Skin

Nothing has been changed since I installed 5.6 originally as far as settings go. But yesterday if I clicked on the tray icon and then on Alerts, for the first time there were then two tabs to choose from. The one was the usual alert tab regarding our winter weather advisory, but behind that was a second tab that said current conditions but it also had all the html code mixed in on the top of the tab (
etc). When I clicked on that tab I got an update on snowfall amounts in the area. What a great feature. That was one thing I always wished this program had as I never knew how much rain or snow we get.

Thanks!! If more info is needed, let me know.

Mouse Ma

The patch worked perfectly. Our temperature isn’t quite cold enough to test it (3F) however, I simply switched it Celsius to see what happened and sure enough I have a new color for minus temperatures. The link was connected to someone’s info that coincidentally had given the decimal numbers for bright yellow and aqua. I’ve always used aqua for normal temps as it shows up well against the blue/grey I use on windows and when the minus color was a feature, it was bright yellow I used for it. So I am definitely a happy camper on this front!!

Now if I can just get those current conditions back it will be the perfect program. Thanks for the tip on minus temperatures! By the way, I’m using Windows XP just so you know what worked (WW 5.6.41).

Mouse Ma

3F!! brrrrrrrrrrrrr

We had 11F a couple of nights ago with highs in the 20s but 3F is frightening. :lol:

Happy to hear the patch worked for you.

As for the secondary Alert tab that you mentioned earlier, I don’t think WW had much to do with it. I think the NWS issued it and WW simply displayed it. Or NWS’s original alert was malformed and WW interpretted it as two. Either way I don’t think it was the result of a WW enhancement.

Darn, I was hoping that current snow fall/rain fall page was going to be a new thing. I liked that. And it did get cold enough this morning for the minus temperature to show up in yellow. It was -1F Getting nice and warm out now though…it’s 9F LOL. Well, actually it’s 19, but we ignore that because all that matters is that the wind chill is 9F (-13C). I hate winter. I want to see three days of snow…December 23, 24, 25th and the rest of the year should be spring, summer and fall. So far it hasn’t worked out quite like that though. LOL

Thanks again for the help!
Mouse Ma
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