New Convert & VERY Pleased

Having been a LONG TIME user of Weather Bug, I took the opportunity, last week, to search for a new desktop weather application. I finally just got fed up with the adware component of WB. (even with the ‘pro’ version) So I searched around, as I tend to do every year or so.

This is the first time I’ve had a chance to work with Weather Watcher and I’m VERY IMPRESSED. I’ve tried the tools released by the major sites (Intelicast, Weather Channel, etc.) and they all come up short in some way or another. WW blows by every competing product out there. Flexible in information, presentation and even in the look and feel of the app and interface. The ability to easily select new locations is a major benefit to someone who travels as much as I do. And, the ability to basically customize the interface, including the pop up ‘tool tip’ screen is a HUGE plus. With all of the support of the interface ‘coders’ who’ve given their additions to the WW community, I can’t imagine someone not being able to find a look that they like.

I wish to extend a GIANT “Thank You” to Mike and to all of you who have added a skin, or icon set, or any interface customization to the available mix. IMHO this product is proof of the success concept available to open community software.

I can’t wait for WW Live!

Again, Thank You!


Welcome, and glad you like it.

I originally started with some other desktop weather program (not one offered by either weather bug or TWC, an independent - I loved it until it went shareware…then used TWC’s for a while - then tried WeatherBug for all of 2 days.

When I went looking again for a decent desktop weather program a few years later, I found Mike’s Weather Watcher - and I have never looked back. you’re absolutely correct - this one hands down wins the ball game.