.NET Version Error


I installed the app but I get an error straight away saying I need a newer .NET version.

What version do I need and where do I get it from ?


Stuart Frost

You need version 2.0. Here’s a link:


Hi … I followed the link and downloaded and installed .NET. I still get the same error when running the program. I tried doing a reinstall of Weather Watcher after doing the .NET install. Tried a reboot. Still no luck. I’ve got the Palm Treo 750V.


Which error message do you see?

Mike, the program runs okay now. I’m going to post details of how stupid I am as this may be useful for you or others.

When doing the install of .NET, the ActiveSync add/remove programs window opens but never “fills in” - I get the frame of the window and after awhile the window closes and I get returned to the .NET install window telling me that the installation completed successfully. So I assumed that it was correctly installed. Tried to run your program, it didn’t work. Rebooted the phone, still didn’t work.

Obviously, the .NET install never actually completed on the phone. I found this out by connecting the phone to my PC, selecting Add/Remove programs from the ActiveSync menu, at which point the installation of .NET then completed.

I should have thought to do this last night but I was up way too late.

Everything is running fine now and it looks great! Thanks for your quick response and also thanks for this nice program.

sschech, thank you for sharing your experience. I’m sure this will help others :icon_smile: