Net Send Spoofer on XP

I just downloaded Net Send Spoofer on my XP system and no matter if I put the machine name or the IP address in the To box, I get Error: Target computer not found. But I can go out to a Command prompt and type the actual Net Send command and it works, is there something I’m missing?



I think it stopped working on most machines due to a Microsoft Windows update. The same Net Send Spoofer version that is currently on my website used to work for me. All of the sudden, it stopped working one day (same error as you), which leads me to believe that something changed in Windows.

Because of frequent abuse, they changed the NET API, so that if you don’t give your local username or your computer’s network name for “sender”, it returns an error, which unaware programs interpret as “target computer not foud”.
And as usual, they’ve overdone it: if you give a username, apparently the user must be logged in locally. Which means that you can’t use “runas” to send a message as another user, or call “net send” from a batch program on a server to warn its administrator for irregulatiries. Micro$oft…[:(!]