Needs severe weather popup like forecastfox has !

Alot of people need to be ALERTED like forecastfox does with a
sliding popup. The little tiny red sign thing is not good enough that you supplied.

This is a critical thing that you left out, and refuse to add.

Most likely Mike wants people to buy his paid program, which includes this critical item. He is puting people at RISK for personal gain!!!

People could go out on the roads, not aware of severe weather, because of his GREED!!!

My Firefox extension was not written to replicate the features of a Windows application like Weather Watcher Live. If severe alerts are that important to you, then you should consider purchasing a Weather Watcher Live license key so you can take advantage of the additional features. You could, of course, use Forecastfox too.

It’s not April 1st yet. That can be the only explanation for such an asinine post.