Need more selections for Toolbar Position

Hi Mike,

Apparently I need more than just 7 selectable positions for the Toolbar Position. Heh I’m using Gmail Manager to put the status of 4 accounts on my toolbar, which puts Weather Watcher Live at something like 8 for the position I would like to have it in, and I don’t want it last. So if it went to at least 10, I think I should be covered. :mrgreen:


Edit: I just hacked extensions.weatherwatcherlive.toolbarPosition to be 8 and it’s where I want it to be. :thumbright:

I made that change and submitted version 1.0.14 to Mozilla. You should receive an upgrade notice in Firefox once the new version has been approved and posted.

I dug it out of the All Versions list. The fact that it hasn’t been reviewed doesn’t scare me. :slight_smile:


I didn’t even know that was possible. Good to hear you got it though!