Need Help with Maps

I downloaded the latest update of WW. I noticed that you have have a different type of map manager. In the past, I would back up the map.ww file. Now I can’t find the file that has all the maps. Now map.ww has the maps that Mike has added, but I can’t find the file that has the maps I added in the past. The program has combined my maps with Mike’s, but I can’t find the file that has all the combined maps. Maps.ww only has Mike’s maps.

Also, is there any way you can create an “Add All Maps” button so I don’t have to check each and every map in the map manager? I want all the maps in the menus.


Look for the FavoriteMaps.ww file in the D & S’s Windows Profile folder.

If you classify your maps as @Daves or @Mine they will always be easy to find after updates.

Here’s the contents of my favorites file. I tried adding maps to it, but they don’t show up in the file. And what does “D and S” mean?

World?[Intellicast] Current Conditions?
World?[Intellicast] Current Winds?
World?[Intellicast] Sunshine?
World?[Opentopia] Sunlight Map (Hemispherical?
World?[Opentopia] Sunlight Map (Rectangular)?
World?[TWC] Close Local Radar & Satellite (Animated)?[LATITUDE]&long=[LONGITUDE]&viewPortWidth=900&viewPortHeight=600&initialWeatherLayerType=radar&initialZoomLevel=8&wxAnimateOnStart=true
World?[TWC] Far Local Radar & Satellite (Animated)?[LATITUDE]&long=[LONGITUDE]&viewPortWidth=900&viewPortHeight=600&initialWeatherLayerType=radar&initialZoomLevel=5&wxAnimateOnStart=true
World?[WSI] Satellite?

He means look in [b]\Documents and Settings{yourprofilename}[/b] folder

Problem solved!

Thanks everyone!

Just for the record, would you detail how you solved the problem, even if it was just following Ed’s advice? This is for future readers’ sake…

I suspect he was updating the file in the install folder rather than the one in the D & S folder.