Need help testing precipitation alerts

I’m working on a new alerting feature that’ll do the following:

  • Pop up an alert when precipitation i[/i] is going to fall at your current location. The predictions are generally accurate within about 1 minute of precipitation falling.

  • Your current location will default to your current weather station’s location, but you can set it to your actual location by dragging an icon on a Google map.

  • The alerts will tell you when precipitation is going to start, how long it will last, and how intense it will be (e.g. sprinkling, light rain, rain, heavy rain).

  • A graph will show the precipitation prediction and intensity for the upcoming hour.

I’m looking for people who would like to help test this feature. You must have a valid Weather Watcher Live license in order to take part. If interested, please contact me at

Note: The precipitation data will be coming from Check out their website for more details.

Note: Alerts will only be available for locations within the US.

Re: Precipitation Alerts

Sounds cool!

E mail on the way :icon_smile:

Sent you an email to join your test group. Hope I can help. :icon_smile:

This sounds great and will make the program better.

Check this program out Lot are saying it works better then darkskyapp. They both sound great and hope this will really work in Weather Watcher Live. This will really make the price of Weather Watcher Live worth it.

parkd1, I’ve never heard of rainaware. They don’t seem to have an API available, so I don’t think I’ll be able to use their data.


Any update on when we can start testing this new feature?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s still in the works. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Cool :icon_smile:

RainAware now have API -

Can you give an update on this? Thanks.

evgeniha, good find. I wonder if RainAware’s API fee is less than DarkSky’s – and if their data is better. They don’t divulge too much information on their website.

parkd1, this is on the back burner for now as I’ve been working through some other important improvements (like the recent upgrade to the new WeatherBug API). I’ve done some work to retrieve the rain data from DarkSky, but haven’t actually implemented it in Weather Watcher yet. For anyone who wants to use this feature, there will be an additional fee tacked onto the existing yearly license fee (even for those who have a lifetime license).

Love to see it when it it is ready. Are you going to let us take it for a test run before we pay the extra fee for it? That way we can see if we want it or not.

parkd1, my plan was to enable it for everyone for one month. After that point, you’d need to pay to continue using it.

That is great. Good way to see it you want it or not. This would be a great add to the program. :icon_smile: