Name for Foreign Citys

Thanks for this nice pice of software.

In i found foreign citys and put them as ZIP Code in Weather Watcher mobile:
Belize Belize BHXX0002
Zug Switzerland SZXX0032
Geneva Switezrland SZXX0013
Paris France FRXX0076

The synch and the weahter works fine on WM5, but with City Names like
SZXX0013… i get nuts… :cry:

Is there a posibility to implement the Name of the City on the Screen?

Mabye you can create a additional Field or so…

Or is there a work around…

Thanks and Greatings from Switzerland, Adrian :lol:

Add the city & country names into Weather Watcher rather than the codes.

In other words add Paris, France not FRXX0076 . Then the names will display.


Adrian, you can edit the codes names by doing the following:

  1. Run Weather Watcher.

  2. Go to “Menu” --> “Options…” to open the Weather Watcher Options.

  3. Click the “Cities” tab.

  4. Select the city to edit from the dropdown list.

  5. Click the “Edit City” button.

  6. Change the name from the code to the preferred name (e.g. Paris, France).

  7. Click “OK” to save your changes.

czech republic cities names (codes)

sorry, please is possible to send cities names for czech republic? thanks :???:

Re: czech republic cities names (codes)

Please see the following link: … .php?t=971