NA no matter which weather station I use

Weather Watcher Live 1.0.23
Firefox 27.0.1
Windows 7, x64 SP1

This happens no matter which station I choose. I have rebooted my computer. My Internet is obviously working since I’m able to post here.

Please make this problem go away and never come back.

What happens if you right-click the toolbar and choose “Retrieve weather”?

Well, that worked this time. So perhaps either doing this or trying a different weather station is advisable.

I’m actually having a problem similar to this which “retrieve weather” will not fix.

I am in El Paso, Texas. As of my post we have 3 warnings:

Fire Weather Warning, Fire Weather Watch, Wind Advisory.

When I mouse over the exclamation point icon on the toolbar it says:

N/A;N/A; Non-Precipitation Advisory.

How would I be able to fix this?

btw I do have all alerts checked in options.

I don’t see any alerts in your area right now. Perhaps I’m too late though.