NA Listed for Temperature

The temperature is showing as NA on the toolbar and in the thermometer when in the application. I am getting live forecast and radar information so I know it’s online.

Is this a known bug? Running Win10 Pro.


N/A is usually a sign that the selected weather station is either temporarily or permanently down.

If the weather station has a webpage, you can click the weather logo at the bottom, right corner in the “Now” section of the main Weather Watcher window. That’ll show you the current details being reported by the weather station at the source. You’ll also be able to see the last time the weather data was updated.

If you need help verifying whether or not the weather station is online, then post a screenshot showing the “Now” section of the main Weather Watcher window and I’ll take a look.

Thanks, Mike.

I’d also like to say that I love your app and have been using it for years. It’s the best weather app on Windows, no contest. When will you bring it to Linux???

I have no plans to create a Linux version at this time. If I offer anything other than a Windows version, a Mac version would most likely be next.