N/A Forecast

WW is now showing N/A for all the weather info…
but when visiting the weather.com website, the info is there…
almost like WW is not able connect to the server anymore… ??

Confirm. I am also seeing NA when weather.com has the data. Just started appearing today.

It seems like everytime you press the update button, the Observed time changes, as well. Everything else is n/a.

Me too! [:0]

The tray icon displays NA, the Tray Tooltip shows N/A for Condition and Temp. The Daily Forecast is ok as is the Hourly and Detailed but the Current Conditions are all N/A except for Sun Rise and Sun Set.

Weather.com’s Current conditions for the area are fine.

It appears that Weather.com has changed the feed format WW is expecting. [V]


No need to worry… I’m sure weather.com is just having technical difficulties with their data stream. Let’s give it a few hours – I’m sure it’ll clear up.

I hope soo ;x


Pleased it’s not just me… I thought it was the 5.5b update, but no-one else has mentioned that so maybe it’s something else?
(NA is sys tray and current conditions)

Its been happening to me or the last 12hours, im starting to get pissed off. i just got this program less then 48hours ago and now its not working. :frowning: the weather on weather.com is working fine. maybe they have changed the data format that the program is looking for


As I said, they were having problems with their data… the data on weather.com is irrelevant. Take a couple of deep breaths… no neeed to get pissed over technical difficulties.

Right on, Mike, 'tis working fine again now.

(wish I could say the same for the SysSense tray tooltip)[V]


It did take a while for the problem to get resolved. I wonder what it was that caused it.

Is there a Weather.com address for reporting problems that we could/should write to when this occurs?


Just reporting that when I woke up this morning, I was pleased to see WW working again :wink: