Mysterious red WWL tray icon

WWL 6.1.23
Windows XP SP3

Occasionally, WWL presents a temperature icon that consists of black text on a red background. I don’t know why it does this.

  • None of my tray icon settings indicate a red background.
  • This happens when there are no alerts for my area.
  • This happens without any sort of error appearing (no connection errors, etc.)
  • I have only one station configured, and this happens even when that station is accessible.
  • Once the background turns red, it stays that way until I restart WWL.

Could someone please advise?

When this happens again, please post the following screenshots:

1) The “NOW” section of the main Weather Watcher Live window.

2) Your system tray.

3) The “Tray Icon” --> “Colors” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

Here are the requested screen shots. Thank you.

I just found that unchecking the Transparent option for the Temperature Above Freezing tray icon changes the icon from black-on-red to the correct color, even without clicking Apply or OK. I’m wondering if this issue has something to do with the fact that I chose the same color for Background as my system uses for the tray (that color being 211/211/211), and kept the Transparent option enabled.

That’s normal. Your changes will be undone if you click the “Cancel” button.

I tried that on my computer and the colors still displayed properly.

I’d suggest you keep the transparent box unchecked since your system tray is a solid color. I’m not able to reproduce this issue, so it’s going to be hard to attempt to fix it at this point.