My personal map files you can download

I have put all my favorite weather sites onto my maps file.

You can download them at

Included is a HTML version of my favorite weather sites.

Since some of the favorite sites are local to my area, you will need to change those to reflect your area.


OMG :shock:


LOL, Ed! :iconbiggrin:

I did some editing to the map list and re-uploaded the …changing the Interactive Map from Weather Channel Gold to the one on regular so everyone can access them.


I added AccuWeather and Weather Channel site maps and AccuWeather Video page to my map file and HTML file.

You can download the update at

I added WeatherPlus (a 24-hour NBC weather network…you can view programming on the Web, as well as all the usual things you can find on a weather site).

I added Forecast Advisor (enter your zipcode here and the site will tell you which weather forecasting site was more accurate in forecasting your area’s weather).

Have fun surfing my map file!


I add several more bookmarks and many links to maps.

You can download the maps and HTTP file at