My Backyard Station now in list

Recently discovered WWL and looks really nice.
I thought I posted this question yesterday, but don’t see it, so obviously I didn’t submit it
I have a backyard Davis weather station that is reporting to CWOP, Weatherbug, and a couple other places. Although I see my station on the Weatherbug map, when I type my zip (94582) into WWL, I don’t see my station (“Hamilton Station”) on the list to select.

Do I need to list my station with WWL, or do I need to manually update the list somehow?

I see it in Weather Watcher Live 7.0.95. Which version are you using?

Fabulous. That is good news. Now I am thinking that the issue is probably because I am using a trial version of older one or something. I am not at home at present to check, but I bet that is the reason. My friend told me that I should buy and register the program since there are new improvements. That version 7 does not ring a bell. I thought I saw version 6 or something like that. I will check later. I just assumed that every version would give the same results for online stations. Obviously a bad assumption on my part. :roll:
I plan to update the software.

Older versions of Weather Watcher Live do not include WeatherBug personal weather stations. I don’t recall which version I added them in, but it appears you’re using a version prior to when that change was made.