Multiple station Logs

Is it possible for WWL to make logs from the stations in the station list without actively switching between them? Or, if not that perhaps somehow load multiple instances of WWL?

No – Weather Watcher Live can only log your active weather station.

You could duplicate the Weather Watcher Live program folder and run a second instance of Weather Watcher Live. I have never tried that, so I’m not sure which functions will and will not work.

I have tried running multiple instances of WWL but since the settings are, i presume, saved globally i can’t define different Active Stations in each of those instances to log and update.

I can change locally the station for every instance but as soon as the weather updates it switches to the latest defined Active Station since, again i presume, the WWL derives the settings from a shared configuration file.

I’m guessing there are no workarounds for this?

Demnor, I figured that was going to happen. You could run Weather Watcher Live with the “-i” command line switch to save your settings in a .INI file within the Weather Watcher Live program folder. The command line would look like this:

C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live\ww.exe -i

You could create shortcut icons to easily run that command line.

Thanks a lot, Mike. Worked like a charm. :slight_smile: