Multiple Monitor Issues

StickIt notes placed on the desktop outside the area of the primary display behave “oddly” at best. Hehe. I’ve got my secondary display to my left, which means coordinates begin with a negative integer. I’m thinking that’s part of the problem.

All of my notes are stuck to the left side of the secondary screen. Dragging them around makes no difference, other than changing the y-position. If I drag a note onto the primary display, it behaves just fine. Unless I drag it off the top or bottom at all, at which point it snaps back to the secondary display (which is just WEIRD.)

It’d be cool if this could be sorted out :slight_smile: I like my notes on the left screen, but can only fit so many along the left edge.


offtone, this is a known issue with your monitor setup. I also have a dual setup, but my primary monitor is on the left. I believe my setup works for all StickIt users – since the coordinates are never negative.

I’ll try to get back to you sometime this week.