Multiple cities

I am still wondering about the possibility of listing mutliple cities and summarizing the weather info in a table format.
here is a diagram of what two other programs do: … cities.jpg

I mentioned this last year in a thread … highlight=

Just wondering if this is a future possiblity or not?
(no rush, just wondering if you are even considering it?)
thanks again for a great program
Randy Adams

Do you think it would be more helpful to display multiple cities like the above screenshot, or would it make more sense to display the current condition icon and temperature for the other cities on the main Weather Watcher interface and allow that icon to be clicked (or hovered over) to view more details?

hey Mike…that would work! Actually, I do think I like that better…Sounds great. thanks

I agree Mike if you implement the multiple cities it would be very helpful and your way sounds good.

Also maybe you could also have the storm alerts from multiple cities, as part of it or maybe as a simpler upgrade first? I have clients in other cities that I connect remotely to, that it would be good to know if they are in a T-Storm

Unless the coding it too much to take, the option to either display multiple cities natively or to have a hover over would be fan-tabulous. Just my opinion though.

I could be happy if there was a WW LOCATIONS tag that would provide the names of all Cities added to WW such that a the current Locations display could use an HTML Select tag and the other Cities could be Options.

what I’d really need is to quickly change the active city directly at front panel (i.e. not using options or tray icon).


All of these suggestions put together would make this a whole lot better, in terms of user customizability as well as bells and whistles.

Is there any news about the multiple cities feature? :slight_smile:

georgi, no work has been done in that area yet.

so…any updates on having multiple cities?
Patiently waiting on the sidelines.
thanks much,
Randy in Taiwan

No. This feature is pretty low on the priority list right now. If it was a one-hour feature, I’d gladly throw it in sooner than later. Unfortunately, such a change would require rewriting major sections of the code.