Multiple cities

First, would like to thank you Mike for a great program and esp great support. I have tried out many other weather programs and just do not see anywhere near the response and support that you give here! Thanks! Keep up the good work.
I esp like the dual F/C temps and flexibility with maps and web pages.

One thing that would be nice would be to have a multiple city box …where you would have all your cities listed with temps, humidity, etc . …just a simple box…nothing fancy.
I can post an image if you like…a few other programs do this (WeatherXpress 2000 and WeatherMan)…(of course they don’t do other things as well as you do!)
anyway, thanks again,
Randy Adams

Yes, please post an image or two of what you are thinking.

You may include any of your other great photo shots also. :icon_smile: You have a good eye. :thumbright:

thanks Ed for your kind words…
I hope this works: … cities.jpg

The top box is from WeatherMan
the bottom from WeatherXpress 2000…

thanks for considering this,


You don’t have permission to access /o5/23/281423/1/69272300.8lf9oZwA.weathercities.jpg on this server.

Here’s a link on my server :cool: … cities.jpg