Multi Language support

any chance to see this infuture versions?

Very Cool !!! [;)]

A french version, I dream it !

A multi-language version would be great !!!
A Dutch version would be greater !!!
Or a version with a kind of template were you can put your own translation for the English terms.

WW is my favourite program for viewing weather forecasting. I’m looking at it several times a day when I’m at my work in the office.

So is there any chance we can see a multi-language version on the next release??

[i]Originally posted by weather[/i]
So is there any chance we can see a multi-language version on the next release??
No such luck [:(] If anyone is willing to translate, please e-mail me at [][/email].

It would be great if WW will have a Multilanguage pack, especially a Spanish pack.
I?m from Argentina…
Keep on Mike.


I can translate this program into Vietnamese (Vietnam Language), 'cause it mostly use in this Country.
I just need a messenges-used document in English

Vu Viet Tung

I also can help you to translate program into Russian. :thumbright:
I need document in English to translate it. :icon_smile:

translator to spanish

here I leave a file with the translation of the program to the Spanish, for when you wish to use it



Thank you barba. That is very kind of you.

I’m going to build a translation add-on. I’ll post more information when I have it. It’s basically going to be a tool that allows people to create language dictionaries that can be used in Weather Watcher.

Will it be used to translate the wtp/bmp files or the live data? The WW window/tooltip/alert files are all language specific and are created by different sources.

Separate interface and forecast skins for each language could include unique buttons and javascript replaces in the wtps but we don’t have access to the tooltip and the alert is more than just a few weather words to replace.

If you’re planning on using the wtps for the major part of the translations having the javascript replaces be modular and centrally located would allow them to be included in multiple skins easily.

And if the interface skins were named such as to include a language indicator in the name the forecasts could automatically include the corresponding language replace module based on the interface name.

That is skin-specific, so I don’t think I’ll go that far.

That is going to be the tricky part. Using JavaScript may be the best (only?) idea.

An idea is that for the program the language it loading from a text file
folder lang
text file eng.txt or another extension
1=open weather watcher
2=change active city
and others…

folder lang
text file esp.txt or another extension
1=abrir weather watcher
2=Cambiar ciudad activa
and others…

for the weather conditions it can be that according to the language it takes it from


is only a idea , I do not know if it will be possible within the programming


barba, that is kind of how the translation feature will work. I have not started working on it yet, and I do not plan to work on it until after Weather Watcher Live has been released. It is high on my to-do list :cool: