MSXML4.dll Used by WWL ?

In setting up Windows 10 x64 Pro, I used Secunia PSI to test for out-of-date versions of software which may be security vulnerabilities. It finds MSXML4.dll as an out-of-date “end of life” Microsoft software in my system. As near as I can tell via the date\time of creation, Weather Watcher Live is the program that installed this version of MSXML. Can WWL be upgraded to use the latest MSXML software?

It could probably be updated. What are the benefits of upgrading?

It’s my understanding that V4 is at “end-of-life”. Therefore security flaws that may be present will no longer be addressed by Microsoft. V6 is supposed to be more secure.

Correct. It has been discontinued. I tend not to just update system files just to do it though – since you never know what might break on various versions of Windows. I’m not aware of any security issues with using that file within Weather Watcher. It’s really not even a concern since Weather Watcher only uses it to consume local XML data.

Understood and accept rationale. :icon_smile: