MoveFile Failed; Code 183

See attached JPEG’s
These errors are when I try to install WWL72099

You’ll need to whitelist the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Weather Watcher\dl.exe” file in all security applications you installed so they stop interfering with the Weather Watcher installer when it tries to install that file.

Sorry, that doesn’t make sense. Under security options I can’t do anything with dl.exe. I simply have no permissions. Same problem with last update. My solution (as it will be this time) is to boot into a PE environment, delete dl.exe, reboot and install. Somehow, dl.exe is being given trustedinstaller credentials which means not even administrators can modify the file. I’ve not tried to see if actls has any benefit.

You are the master of your own computer. You’re either being limited by your Windows permissions or you’ve installed some kind of 3rd party security software that is running the show for you. Either way, you’ll need to figure out what’s preventing you from installing Weather Watcher properly and/or deleting files from its program folder. Weather Watcher itself is not able to control those things.

I just went in to WW Folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Weather Watcher Live\dl.exe
and deleted the dl file.

Then WWL72099 will install, by the way I did not have to reboot to get this to install.
I was logged in as the administrator when I first tried to install WWL.