Mouse cursor change to "Working in background" when updating

I use Windows XP sp3 and noticed that when WWL is doing an Auto Update the Mouse Cursor is switch (a number of times) to “Working In Backgroud”. This can be distracting when working in other applications, and the cursor all of a sudden changes 3-4 times, seemingly for no reason, until I realized that it was the WWl Auto Update. No major problem just a nice enhancement to an alread very good product :D/

Thanks, J.

Weather Watcher Live launches external processes (dl.exe & getfile.exe) to handle the data downloads. When those processes are started, Windows displays a wait cursor – something it does when any program is started.

Other than making all of the processes internal, I’m not sure there is a way to prevent this behavior.

Oh darn yes, I had forgotten about the external processes.

Oh well, I’ll stick to my first sollution then - setting the “Working In Background” cursor to the “Normal Select” cursor, not ideal but stops the annoying “cursor dance” :lol:

Thanks Mike!

In case anyone else stumbles upon this thread, a guy named Roman sent me the following link:

Here’s an example of how this can be done in VB6:

Wow, does this mean that you will this in the startup of the external processes (dl.exe & getfile.exe) in some future version of WWL?
Say we you get “a round tuit” :icon_smile:

That would be great, thanks J!

Yes, it’ll be included in the next release.