More stable DL.EXE downloader?

I put together a new Weather Watcher DL.EXE downloader in hopes of putting together something that would get around the dreaded “Server not found” error message.

Note: If you’re using a proxy server, you will have to setup your proxy server and port in the “Proxy” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

Download Weather Watcher 5.6.14c

Please post all of your findings, comments, etc. in this thread.

Bump… Has anyone tried this yet? It’s working great for me :cool:

I just dl’d it to my nb and will see what happens.

A problem with nbs is the WiFi connectivity can take a bit to connect when booting or coming out of suspension. WW, even with a 30 sec delay option on, doesn’t connect when I boot and I have to manually retrieve the initial weather data. It would be nice is WW could sense when the WiFi connection is established then automatically start the updates.

BTW It took me awhile to find this download posting. It would have been easier to find in the Unofficial Release forum.

If we’re not having problems with 5.6.14 would you still like us to try this one?

Yes. I just want to make sure the new download method works before I roll it out to all Weather Watcher users.


It’s working perfectly for me.


Me too! problems
(XP, IE 6.0, ADSL)

Up and running…