More for Daily Tab, Condition Column

In the Daily tab, the Condition column in WW used to have more information than just “Partly Cloudy.” Yes, you can hover over the “More” link or click it to show more, like WW used to do. But with bigger and higher resolution screens, don’t you think the default should be to “More” rather than “Less”?

After selecting “More” or “Less”, Weather Watcher should remember that setting.

It does, but for many months I didn’t know that, as the tooltip when you hover over it prevented me from clicking on the link. I assumed that clicking on the link would also just result in a popup, which is not what I wanted.

Maybe change the link to “Show More” and “Show less”?

Nobody else has ever mentioned this, so I’m not sure it warrants a change. Thank you for sharing though. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind.

I suspect that this is something that people won’t notice - that they can actually change via clicking “More” - and thus think less of your creation.

It’s also true that when each day has a “More” link one thinks it only shows more for that day, rather than changing the default setting.

I did spend a half hour looking through the settings trying to figure out how to change this.

I doubt that anyone else (I’m particularly interested in user interaction design, see my online textbook at would bother to tell you this, as it points out how stupid we (I) are.

Take care.

Just to clarify, are you suggesting that simply adding the word “Show” will resolve all of the issues you mentioned above?

Might, and then again, might not. See … mputing-2/

The more I think about it, such a configuration change should not be as a link on each individual date, but in the Settings dialog. Could still use a tooltip not on a link that changes the configuration but on perhaps the icon.

Sorry, can’t help myself, I’m a UI dweeb.

The majority of people know that a link is something that can be clicked – resulting in some type of action. That being the case, I find it hard to believe that most people would not know the “More” link can be clicked. I would agree that the action might not be obvious. Clicking the link should quickly reveal that though.

Adding a setting could work. But, then users would have to go into the settings to find out that feature is even available.