moonlight remaining


I was puzzled by this at first as I took it to be the time until the moon set and it didn’t make sense as the timings were all wrong.
I eventually worked out that this was the time until sunrise.

I think it would be better to rename it as ‘Nightime remaining’ or ‘Hours to sunrise’

regards Paul

Good idea. I made that change in the build below. I also added a “Rename” button in the “Tray Icon” --> “Tooltip” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window to allow the other tooltip items to be renamed.

Hi Again

I have downloaded it and can see the rename button

it allows you to change most of them but for the Daylight/Moonlight remaining the rename button is greyed out,
other items greyed out are Location, Upcoming daily forecast icons and upcoming hourly forecast icons.

regards Paul

With exception of “Daylight/Moonlight Remaining”, those items are grayed out because the labels do not appear in the tooltip window. “Daylight/Moonlight Remaining” always displays as “Hours to Sunrise/Sunset”.

I would like to say I really like “Hours to Sunrise/Sunset” a lot better better then Daylight/Moonlight Remaining" :icon_smile:

Mike I was also just wondering if by chance you found a way to make the Skinned Tooltip to change from night to day and day to night when the "Hours to Sunrise/Sunset hit 0:00?

Would be really nice if this could be fixed because sometimes I have noticed that the skin is not changed from Day to Night or Night to day as much as 20 minutes after "Hours to Sunrise/Sunset has already hit 0:00 and the new countdown clock begins.

Keep up the great work!

gate1975mlm, hours to sunrise/sunset should never show 0:00. When the hours to sunrise is 0:00, it should then start showing the hours to sunset.

I recall the issue is that the hours to sunrise/sunset is calculated using the weather station’s current time, rather than the local time on your computer. Does that sound right or are you actually seeing scenarios where hours to sunset is 0:00 and the tooltip is showing the daytime background?

I should have explained this better. You are correct it never actually says 0:00 on the skinned tooltip. What I ment was the issue where when the sunrise/sunset changes from day to night or night to day and the skinned tooltip does not change along with it at the same time. And instead sometimes can take 10 minutes or more to change from daytime skin to nighttime skin and nighttime skin to daytime skin. Would be great if there was a way to make the skinned tooltip change almost at the exact same time as you go from day to night and night to day :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen this. Please post a screenshot the next time this happens.

I mean it changes just not right away.

Anyway I will try and be at the computer tonight at Sunset and take screenshot of it. Unless of course it somehow got fixed in build 7.1.57 :razz:

gate1975mlm, to be clear, I’m saying I’ve never seen a scenario where the tray tooltip showed x hours to sunset with a nighttime background or x hours to sunrise with a daytime background. If that is what is happening, then it’ll be simple to fix.

I think what is really happening though is you’re comparing your computer’s current time to the weather station’s sunset/sunrise time. And, Weather Watcher Live is comparing the weather station’s last observed time to the sunset/sunrise time. If this is case, then there isn’t any easy fix.

Yes this is what’s happening.

My computer’s current time to the weather station’s sunset/sunrise time is what’s causing the issue.

gate1975mlm, thanks for confirming. The reason it’s tough to fix is because both times need to be in the same time zone. And, when converted to the same time zone, some of the data will have to be manually modified. For example, the current condition icon cannot show a sun when the tooltip background is showing the nighttime background. It’s a fairly complicated change.

Just throwing this out from someone who knows nothing about programming :mrgreen:

What if you forced Weather Watcher Live to “Refresh Weather” like as if I clicked it when the “Hours to Sunset” And Hours to Sunrise" new countdown begins?

Because I have noiced if I click “Refresh Weather” manually the skinned tooltip changes instantly.

The hours to sunset/sunrise are calculated using the weather station’s last observed time and the sunset/sunrise times. Refreshing the weather data in Weather Watcher Live will not change the weather station’s last observed time.

Just wanted to show you 2 screenshots I just took just to make sure you understand what I am talking about.

The wrong skin was being displayed and when I manually clicked “Refresh Weather” the currect skin was shown as seen in the screenshots.

Mike could you maybe explain why if I click “Refresh Weather” manually the skin changes but it can’t do it automatically at the change over from day to night and night to day? Or maybe you did explain it to me and I just don’t understand you currectly :oops: lol


I get this on my tooltip each evening and it could be trouble for us as it shows over 702 hours until sunrise :sad:

pondpaul, when this happens again, please export your Weather Watcher Live registry settings and email them to me at Here are the steps to export your registry settings:

1) Click the Windows Start button, choose “Run…”, and enter “regedit” in the run window.

2) Navigate to the following registry key in the left menu:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher Live

3) Right-click on the “Weather Watcher Live” key, choose “Export”, enter a file name, and click the “Save” button.

Your first screenshot is showing weather data that was observed at 7:37:02 PM. According to your selected weather station, it was still daylight and mostly sunny. We know that’s not really true though because the sun set prior to 7:37:02 PM.

WeatherBug/WUnderground is probably doing a sunrise/sunset calcuation on their end to decide whether to show a daytime or nighttime current condition icon and description. Perhaps they are using the time on their server, rather than the time reported by the weather station (like Weather Watcher Live does). If the time on their server is incorrect (even by as a little as a few seconds), then the calucation is also going to be incorrect.

In Weather Watcher Live, the observed time and sunrise/sunset times are used to calculate the hours to sunrise/sunset. As long as the weather station is reporting an accurate observed time, then this calcuation should always be accurate.

Weather Watcher Live looks at the current condition icon to figure out which tooltip background should be displayed. If the current condition icon is a daytime icon, then the daytime background is displayed.

The only way to resolve this issue would be to modify the current condition data at the time it’s downloaded. If the data is showing a daytime condition/icon and Weather Watcher Live calculates the sun has set, then the current condition icon should be converted to the associated nighttime icon, and the current condition description should be modified accordingly (e.g. “Mostly Sunny” --> “Mostly Clear”).

Hi Mike,

Is there a possibly you will attempt to resolve this issue with your idea of modifying the current condition data at the time it’s downloaded?

I would really love if this issue could be fixed someday soon :D/

gate1975mlm, I made that change in the following build: