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monthly tab

I get no data showing apart from the headings

Yeah, monthly data in V7.2.45 and Windows 10 x64 is missing for 25177 area as well

Weather Watcher only records data there for the selected weather station while it’s running.

Are you both saying you had Weather Watcher running the entire time and did not switch the weather station? Are either of you seeing recent data if you go back and view the Monthly Observations now?

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my pc is on all the time but it only shows this month and is blank it is probably several months since I looked at it

Is that “Ely Way” weather station one you’ve been using for some time? It doesn’t appear to be reporting data in your screenshot.

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My WWL runs continuously. I did not change weather stations. Still not seeing monthly data.


This post can be closed. The monthly data shows up correctly since I got my weather stations properly selected.

I still cannot anything on my monthly list’ I have tried various site for a few days each. I even tried London Heathrow airport but I cannot get anything displaying. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still nothing

I still cannot get anything on my monthly tab despite using a lot for a few days and although 3000 miles away I thought New York Kennedy International Airport would give me something, it didn’t

I thought I would get a response before 15 weeks had passed but no, so I am uninstalling it after using weather watch for a lot of years.