Monthly Observation Shows No Data

Hi Mike,

I have Weather Watcher Live 7.1.117 (Splendid4 skin) installed on my machine, which is using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit as its OS. For some reason, when I choose to show “Monthly Observations”, the screen shows the current month, but no data. Is there some kind of tweak that I need to perform to get this function to work or is there something wrong with my configuration? I have attached a screen shot of the monthly screen to show what I mean.

Thank you for your help.

There is no special configuration. You should see data there as soon as Weather Watcher Live starts retrieving weather data for your selected weather station. This data is only collected while Weather Watcher Live is running – and only for the selected weather station.

I just took a look at the databases you emailed me previously (sorry for the delay!). Both are completely empty.

Does the following file exist?

If so, please email it to me at

Hi Mike,

I am now at version 7.2.44 of Weather Watcher Live and monthly data still does not show up when requested. Basically, I have a blank dialog box when it is opened. I gave this a rest for quite a while because it wasn’t “life threatening,” but now I am still wondering what is so special that my database is not being updated. I know you are probably very busy, but if you have any time, I’d like to work with you to resolve this. Please let me know if you want me to send my Access DB (wwl.mdb) to you for evaluation. One thought, could there be some kind of restriction (ACL) or other privileges that would need to opened up in order for my DB to be updated?

Thanks for your help,


Mike, I just noticed this too and came to the forum to see if already reported.

In my case, March 2015 starts on the 27th with data but there is no data prior to that this month. Sept - Feb are all blank.

While this may not explain the current issue, I’ve found that when changing weather stations will give me different results in monthly. I’ve use a couple WU stations and if I switch back and forth I see one has a lot of data and the other just a little. This is also true if I switch to Weather Bug stations.

Is the monthly data based on the station for the feed?

Wayne_IO, sorry for the late reply. You can email your “wwl.mdb” file to me at

DrWho, Weather Watcher only stores data for the current weather station – and, only during times when Weather Watcher is running. If Weather Watcher is not running 24-7 and/or you are using different weather stations, then your monthly data will not be complete.

Since I shut off my computer at night and sometimes during the day for awhile are you saying the monthly data isn’t correct since my computer doesn’t run 24/7? I do see data for all days in March since I’ve used that particular station most of the time.

DrWho, the data is correct. But, the high/avg/low will not always be accurate since you’re working with a partial set of data. You can click the day link in the far left column to see exactly what was logged for each day.