Missing station

I have a similar problem. My city is Ithaca, NY 14850 and that station is not available. It was available in the “non-live” version of Weather Watcher. Why is it no longer listed when I search on the zipcode or the name?

The answer is similar too. Weather Watcher Live uses a different data source i[/i], so the available weather stations differ between the two applications.

I think it’s odd that The Weather Channel does not reveal the location of the weather stations they use. How do you know they are pulling data from Ithaca? Perhaps they are doing some kind of calculation to take the average of the surrounding NWS stations that you see around Ithaca when searching in Weather Watcher Live. I just think it’s odd that they claim to have the weather data for every single location in the US.

Thanks, Mike. Ithaca is pretty small and I doubt it has much of a weather station. The airport might, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t manned 24/7. I think someone goes out at Cornell U. and reads the data once a day for the “official” daily numbers. Cornell has a meteorology department, so you’d think we’d have a reliable station for Weather Bug. Oh, well.

What data source did the previous Weather Watcher use that had Ithaca as a station?

It used The Weather Channel.