Missing spaces in daily forecast text


The daily forecast text is consistently missing spaces between words/sentences. The screen shot below explains. I’ve highlighted some of the areas where spaces are missing.


Please post or PM me the name of your weather station.

I’m noticing it too. The station I’m using is Fredericksburg, VA (Holy Cross Academy). I’m not seeing it in all of them, but it is appearing in many of the stations I’ve selected, including one or two that are not local, like Harrisburg, PA (Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency…). I’m currently using version 1.12.

I saw this happen earlier today, but all seems well now. Do you both notice the same?

It looks fine on my system right now, except for this:

A chance of rain this morning…then rain this afternoon.

I’m not sure if the lack of space after the ellipses is intentional, but since it’s incorrect, it’s hard to tell.

I’m still seeing it, and for the same stations I mentioned previously, although it may come and go, so I’m not sure if some that were showing are not now and visa versa. I am now running version 1.13.

Don’t know if you changed anything, but I’m not seeing it now with a couple that I checked, and they were missing spaces before.

Forget what I said in my last post, I am seeing it again. Don’t know if it is occuring in all my regular stations, and it may come and go.

This looks like an intermittent issue. Over the past couple of days, I was not able to find any affected weather stations.

There is no space at the end of the ellipsis in WeatherBug’s data feed. I can definitely add a space after I grab the data from them. Look for that change in the next Weather Watcher Live release.