Missing local maps on version 7084

Hi Mike
I just updated to 7084. I miss now the maps around my location as I had before. The MapManager does not work (no reaction by clicking on). Thanks for justification and help in advance!
Regards: Indalo

Try restarting Weather Watcher Live. If that does not help, then please answer the following questions:

1) For the maps around your location, where were they located in Weather Watcher Live?

2) Are you saying the Map Manager window does not open when right-clicking the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choosing “Map Manager”?

Thanks for answer!

  1. I use WunderMap for my location Zurich (Switzerland) and that’s workl fine. but

  2. When I start MapManager from the TrayIcon as you describe, I receive the same result as when I start MapManager by the OptionTab (The small Window stays under the OptionsWindows):

A small sized windows (named Map Manag…) without any further possibilities but to turn it off or resize it to the tray. Maybe I not understand the handling of the tool …? How can I use the MapManager to get other maps and which ones are recommended?

Any hint to do it as needed are welcome, Mike.

Regards: Harry

The Map Manager window is resizeable. I’m wondering if the window somehow resized itself to a size that is hiding the contents of the window. Try pointing your mouse at the bottom, right corner of that window and left-click and drag it to resize it when you see the mouse pointer change to the resize arrows.

If that does not solve the issue, then please posts a screenshot here so I can take a look.