Missing data from Weather Underground

On zip code 25177, using Weather Underground stations results in some of the data not being downloaded (see pic). This is on Instititute, WV (MesoWest I-64 Exit 50 Institute, WV. Even less is obtained from Saint Albans, WV (CW5973 Saint Albans). The problem appears to be isolated to the Weather Underground stations.

This is on WWL 7012 and with Windows 7 SP1 x64 Professional.


Here’s the list of weather stations I see when searching for “25177” at wunderground.com:


Which of these weather stations are you using in Weather Watcher Live?

It looks like the “I-64 Exit 50” weather station is down. It’s currently pointing to the “Green Valley, Saint Albans” weather station.


Currently, all seems to be well at the “Green Valley, Saint Albans” weather station:


I switched to Saint Albans, Green Valley and it is working fine…as you stated.

Sorry for bothering you on this false alarm. I should have checked the WU stations more closely to see which ones were broken down again. 8-[

It’s no bother… I’d rather check it out than not know something is broken. Unfortunately, the Weather Underground data feed gives me no indication when a weather station is down or no longer submitting data (like WeatherBug does).