Missing Barometer

Just installed version 5.6.21 on 2 computers. One with Windows XP Media and the other with Vista Home Premium. The Barometer is missing on both computers. Have checked and Java Script is enabled. Turned off Spyware and Firewall. Still no Barometer. Everything else seems normal. Have any thoughts about the problem. TIA…Ron

This week, I fixed an issue that was causing the barometer to disappear after it dropped below 27.5. If that’s the case for you, then you can download a fix from the following link:

Download Barometer Fix

The fix brought back my Barometer, but it doesn’t have the red, blue and green colors around the circle? This is a minor thing, but thought you would want to know. Love the program. Thank you for the quick response…Ron

RonJaguar, the bar are empty because the current value is below 27.5. The only way to fix the problem would be to decrease the minimum reading. I’m not sure how low barometers generally go… I’ll have to do some research.

The following information is from USA Today.

Using average sea level pressure of 29.92 inches of mercury as a point for comparison, the highest barometric pressure ever recorded in the USA was 31.85 inches in Northway, Alaska, in January 1989. The lowest barometric pressure ever recorded was associated with the landfall of the Labor Day hurricane in Key West, Florida in 1935, which registered a minimum pressure of 26.35 inches of mercury. Both are also records for North America.

It is likely that tornadoes have had lower barometric pressures, but they have not become part of the official record.

We are currently at 27.00 in Big Spring, TX and have been low for several days. Thanks Again! Ron

I am also here because of a missing barometer. I installed 5.6.22 yesterday, but it is still missing for Anacortes, WA. If I switch to Oak Harbor, WA it works fine. For some reason the reading coming from Anacortes is 27.11, while Oak Harbor reads 30.10. My own station is at 30.06. I think the problem is the reading coming from Anacortes. If the reading is so far off, I guess there is no point in seeing the barometer.

RonJaguar, thanks for the info :icon_smile:

DaveW, the above build should fix the problem. Until I adjust the high and low values, the barometer will be empty (the bars) when the reading is below 27.5.

Mike: The barometric reading for Anacortes, WA is finally correct today. The source of the WW data is finally sending the correct number, and the barometer is back to normal. I noticed the weather.com page linked from WW was also showing the same erroneous reading. The fault was not yours, but in the source of the data. Thanks.