Mike, could you pull in NWS forecasts, also?........

Mike, could you pull in NWS forecasts & data feed, also? to go along with the NWS stations you added a while back… I am asking b/c, after the WU API shut down, everyone who had a PWS in my area, stopped sending data to IBM/WU/TWC. I have been able to prove this by going to the WU website page for my town and noticing that none of the old PWSs for my town are listed anymore, on the pull down station choosing list. WU is now using PWSs in a major city 50 miles away, for my town. But I tried some of those stations in WWL and none of them worked either, because you data feed for hourly forecasts, 10 day forecasts (on bottom of WWL) and half of the data in the tray tool tip, has been blank, going on 3 weeks now for any weather station in America, I try, I recently tried some stations in Chicago (80 miles from me) and none of the data came through on any of them either. And here is an important “also” Mike, you really need to update the PWS list on your google map, because I would wager that at least 90% of the former WU PWSs are now defunct, since the old API shutdown and you really should go through & remove the defunct ones.

Can you PM or email me your Weather Watcher license key so I can look into this some more?

I’m planning on pulling the NWS forecasts into a future Weather Watcher release.