Microsoft releases DreamSpark to students


To sign up:

I am currently a student (just started back actually) at a local university - a smaller institution, and naturally it was not listed when I went to sign up - however, I used the 3rd party verification tool, entered the requested info and it immediately verified me as being a student (kind of scary, actually, as I have only been enrolled for a month)…and I received my confirmation email that I could start downloading.


The products currently included: (all provided in .ISO format except where noted)

[]Expression Studio
]Sql Server 2005 Express (executable)
[]Sql Server Developer Edition (2 discs)
]Virtual PC 2007 (executable)
[]Visual Basic 2005
]Visual C++ 2005
[]Visual C# 2005
]Visual J# 2005
[]Visual Studio 2008
]Visual Web Developer 2005
[]Visual Studio 2005 Professional (2 discs)
]Windows Server 2003 R2 (2 discs)
[*]XNA Game Studio (executable)[/list]