Meteo Consult animated icons with WW Mobile B2

Maybe I missed something, but on the whole the WW Mobile is working fine on my iPaq 5550 runnning Windows Mobile 2003.

I tried droping the Meteo Consult directory into \Program Files\WW\Skins\Icons\ directory on my iPaq, but when I tried to use the Menu-Option-Skins I found that I couldn’t seem to pull down and select a different set of icons. So then I hacked a bit… I made a copy of the NY Times directory that was there from the original install, and then dropped the Meteo Consult icons into the NY Times directory.

It works for now and I have the animated icons I like.

Great job Mike!

Re: Meteo Consult animated icons with Weather Watcher Mobile

I have 3 folders within my icon folder. I can see all of them in the “Skins” tab of the Options window.

Did you try restarting Weather Watcher after adding your icon folder? What did you name the folder?

I would also have 3 folders in the icons directory:

NY Times (which actually contains a copy of the icons from Meteo Consult now)
Meteo Consult
Copy of NY Times (the original directory)

Even before I tried adding a different set of icons, when I went to the Options,Skins tab, the feilds were blank. When I tapped on them to try changing, the pull downs were also blank.

I reset the device, and restarted WW, no change. A problem with running on WM2003 instead of WM5? I don’t know. It still seems to work fine in all other respects…