Merry Christmas

{\ /} { \( )/ } \(\ /)/ * / \ (o) / \ (+ *) /_____\ (o * +) (* + o *) (+ o * + o) __((o))__ (o + * o + *) | |=| | ===== |___|=|___| Merry Christmas to All !!

Wow, we’re just about there again, two years later. Well, until then, Happy Thanksgiving to the USA people! :occasion8:

I know, right? How the time flies.

Happy Holidays to all people of the world (the Hindu folks, for example, just finished their Festival of Lights, which marks their New Year, about a week and a half ago).

Thank you Landroid. The same to you. :icon_smile:

[size=2](I fixed the old quote. Thanks for pointing it out.)[/size]

Thanks! And, glad to help – I took out my quote since it’s now superfluous. :icon_smile:

It’s funny, at first I thought the little icon I used was maybe a smiley with an “American Indian” headdress, but it turns out on closer inspection that it’s more of a USA “patriotic” style. Oh well, close enough. :wink:

looks like a worm from the Worms World Party to me lol

Yeah, they’re so tiny it’s hard to get any detail… :cool: