Maps On Bottom?

I was working with an animated map on Active Desktop for a few weeks. During that time my pc became fairly unstable. I finally decided to stop using it. Besides, there were others who didn’t like the animation “peaking out” behind unmaximized windows. I myself didn’t mind.

Another strike against it is how involved Active Desktop is to set up in XP. MS doesn’t seem to encourage using it.

I was thinking that what would be so much easier is to just be able to make the map window be behind everything including the desktop icons. That would make it so much easier to close and reopen as well. I wonder if this is even possible?

It would be possible to stick the map window against your desktop wallpaper.

How would this be done? Is there a utility to set a window that far back? I mean even behind the icons? I’ve never seen this done so that is why I wondered if it was possible.

I don’t know of any utilities, but I know how to do it programmatically.

mmmmm so when will you finish programming this new utility that will allow people to do this? [:)]

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Maybe after 5.6 is released? If I cram anything else into it, the final release is going to take even longer to get out.

I was thinking more along the lines of a new separate utility.

The only thing 5.6 needs to get out the door is a complete log and the Tray Menu tab back. [;)]

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[i]Originally posted by EdP[/i]
The only thing 5.6 needs to get out the door is a complete log and the Tray Menu tab back. [;)]
The "Tray Menu" tab is not coming back. I can throw the old tray menu options in somewhere else. I don't even know how useful the tray menu option is?

Well, it was kinda of a waste of a whole tab. The Tray Tooltip tab certainly has room for it. Tray Icon has the Left clicks, but there is no room for anything else.

I don't even know how useful the tray menu option is?
Did I fail to mention that [b]I[/b] use it?

Look at the sequence of the menu items. How often does Exit and Donate get used vs Change Active City, Maps and Options? I click on the icon and there are the options I use next to the pointer. The other sequence requires hand/arm movement.</font id=“size2”>

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EdP, you have a point, but almost all Windows applications have the most used options at the top of the menu.

I could go on all day adding non-standard options that only a few people are going to use, but then things would be pretty cluttered.

We’re not talking about “adding non-standard options”, we’re talking about KEEPING an option that is already there and used. As to it’s frequency of use your opinion is pure speculation.

Maybe you should set up a poll on the forums here asking users which features they use and which they don’t then remove the bottom 10 or 20 features. Or, add some spyware that records users configs each time WW starts or is changed. Then you would know exactly what gets used and what doesn’t. [:p]

Course you would probably eliminate the Skins tab. Once I got mine set the way I like I have rarely been back to change them so that tab doesn’t get used a lot. [;)]

Let’s see what else don’t I use that frequently… You might be able to cut WW down to just two or three tabs. WW could be known as the utility with the fewest options. There’s a claim you want. [}:)]


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EdP, thank you for the suggestions. I’ll do my best to remove all of those features for the next release.

Well, now that you’ve started the process it should easy to extend it to deleting all kinds of things you suspect aren’t used. I rarely use the Current Conditions map, other than for the link to Alerts that flash by, you could get rid of it also.

[i]Mike Singer[/i]
"for the next release."
Next release!! We're still waiting for [u]this[/u] release. When you said it would be ready for Christmas little did we know you meant Christmas 200[b]5[/b].
[i]Mike Singer[/i] : [](
I plan to release the full 5.6 version during the week of Christmas.

Boy, I want to see an updated project plan on my desk by Friday morning. I want to see what’s gotta be done, when it’s gonna be done, how long it’s gonna take and by whom. Friday morning or I’ll assign this to someone else.</font id=“size2”>


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Boy, I want to see an updated project plan on my desk by Friday morning. I want to see what's gotta be done, when it's gonna be done, how long it's gonna take and by whom. Friday morning or I'll assign this to someone else.
Haha... remember those e-mails about WhenU? Well, time is money, and Weather Watcher does not pay the bills. Paid projects come first [:)]

Unfortunately as a tech, unless you’re a contractor, you are salaried. And whether you work 10 hrs a day or 12 hrs your paycheck at the end of the period is the same.

It’s not about the money, you just don’t love us Weather Watchers anymore. You’ve found someone else. Probably that girl. <sniff, sniff>


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Take it easy man! All I asked about is how to pin a window to the background. Now this thread is a mess.

I’m hunting around for a utility to do it. Almost all of them do “Always on Top”. I guess that is how they like it.


See what you started Hoover. Trouble maker you are.


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