Maps in 7.0.4


Desktop magnets were introduced in this version.

  1. I don’t see any sense in those magnets. But of course other users might disagree about this issue.

  2. How in the world can I set and edit a map to be my desktop background? :help: :help: :help: I loved to have my desktop background set and refreshed by WWL in all previous versions.


The desktop magnet feature replaced the wallpaper in version 7. I know it’s a little different, but you might find it more useful for the following reasons:

1) Multiple magnets can be attached to your desktop wallpaper. You can create magnets to display various weather maps, weather cameras, traffic cameras, etc.

2) A large, busy wallpaper image sometimes gets in the way of the work you’re doing on your computer. Magnets can be resized and repositioned to fit into empty spots on your desktop.

3) Each magnet can be set to refresh at a different interval. Right-click the magnet to change its properties.

4) Magnets can be set to a GIF/JPG image from any website on the Internet. Set the image by entering the URL or drag and drop an image from your web browser onto an existing magnet.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


I gave it a try and immediately switched back to version 6.

Don’t get me wrong. Those magnets might be useful for some people. And I appreciate that you introduced them in version 7. BUT: I want my desktop wallpaper back! Why not have both? Keep the magnets for people who want to use this feature and PLEASE bring back the wallpapers!

I just don’t understand why you got rid of the wallpapers altogether.


Hi, I agree with Steve. I loved my wall paper and I ask also…
PLEASE bring back the wallpapers!
I’ll try the magnets again and without luck I will also have to switch back to WW6
Bring back the wallpaper, thanks.

I agree, I have tried the magnets with the maps but would rather have the wallpaper…where can I find a copy of version 6?

Look at the homepage and then “software”. There you should find the official version which is still version 6.

The wallpaper feature will be available again in the next version 7 build.

abwagner, click the “DOWNLOAD” button at


Do you know when you will put out the new version? I would like to wait until wallpapers are back before installing version 7 again.


Mike, I really like the Desktop Magnet feature, but would like to be able to save a map or two as a ‘favorite’ so I wouldn’t have to find it each time.

Steve, the next version 7 release should be out this week. I’ll email you.

Manymosi, good idea. I’ll make a note to add that.