Maps are still black or showing older version

Some weather stations are still showing black/very dark maps while others show the older maps:

The older map will still display for locations outside of the US.

Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?

Hi Mike. I am using version 7.2.194
I also live in the US and those maps are of the US namely the northeast. That older map used to display rain, storms, winter snow in the form of colors just like doppler radar. This map only shows clouds, which is useless information. If you look at the screenshots I uploaded, you’ll see I live in CT. Anyways, I thought all the maps were to use that newer map platform you introduced not long ago. So that’s been my experience with my local weather maps. Maybe you can sort it out or not?

Okay, I just installed 7.2.197, the latest version. Let me take a step back to see if this new update resolves that problem.
(changes in 7.2.197:
IMPROVED: Made more changes to the “Now” radar map to attempt to generate a map that’s compatible with more versions of Windows and weather station locations.)
I’ll report back if problems are still present.

The new map is zoomed in way too much. Take a look at the old map. That is what I was hoping for.
When it is zoomed in this close, I can’t see what weather is coming my way say from another state.

Did you try adjusting the Map Zoom Level in the “SETTINGS” at the bottom of that window?