Map Window Positions

I’m using 5.6 beta 8.

The options for remembering map positions doesn’t seem to do anything. Even if I have each Remember Size of Each… set on it still plants the top left at the same place every time regardless of the window size.

I usually just double click on the title bar and maximize the map that way. Is it possible to just place an option “Open Maximized” for a map option? That and strech to fit the window would probably work for all the maps I use.

Hoover, that might be happening because of the way you are resizing the map window (double-clicking the title bar). I’ll have to look into it.

I’m not sure if the maximize option would benefit many people. I don’t want to go buck wild on the options [:D]

Sizing an IE window is very difficult. I have that problem in IE as well, all new windows insist in coming up about 640x480 in the center of the screen. Except that I don’t exit like that, so it doesn’t remember windows sizes properly. Oddly the initial window comes open maximized so at least it does that right.

You won’t have to do anything. Rather, I downloaded the freeware app Auto Sizer. I have it remember the size of the Weather Wather Map Viewer and done, the window maximizes every time. I could optionally have it open to any size I wanted it too. Works for most applications as well.

The Weather Watcher map window is not an IE window though. It’s a normal Windows window. If you open a map that you haven’t opened before, the map window will open using the default size, and it’ll be centered.

This isn’t the way it works for me. Even if I delete the mapsize.ww file, exit and restart ww it still remembers just one window size for every map I open. Even if I tell it to remember for each window.

How it is remembering the size between runs, I don’t know. Is there registry information happening?

My mapsize.ww always has Africa as the map even though I opened a map for Hawaii and told it to remember for each map. No matter what it has for LEFT and TOP, they are not used and it plants top/left somewhere in the middle of the screen. I still think MS is doing this on it own. AutoSizer seems to be able to override it as well and I’m content to use that.

[Africa - Infrared Satellite]

The “mapsize.ww” file stores the map size and location for each map that is opened. I just checked my “mapsize.ww” file, and all of my opened maps appear in there. It sounds like something might be conflicting with that feature on your system.

I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
It sounds like something might be conflicting with that feature on your system.

I suspect this might be the case. No one else seems to comment on it. Either they aren’t using this feature (open in their browser) or they don’t care about it.