Map Sorting Function

Maybe this has already been suggested or is already a function. I tried a search to find it but it didn’t show up. If so please post the url so I can access the information.

I just added a number of maps and noticed that they are in a different order than I added them. So I figured the maps I added (under the category of US) must be in Alphabetical order so I changed the titles and they still display in what appears to be something of a random order.

What I’d love to be able to do is either have it display in Alphabetical order or even better yet be able to find an XML sheet somewhere that I could edit with a text editor so I could place my maps in any order that I choose. The XML sheet would make it really easy to make my additions portable to a new computer. Currently I have found no way to make personal settings carry over to a new computer.

The maps are stored in the following file:
C:\Users[Windows Username]\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcherLive\FavoriteMaps.ww

They should be sorted in alphabetical order by default. Can you post a screenshot so I can see your order?