Map of Texas and Gulf Coast

I’ve looked and looked, but cannot find a full map of Texas and the Gulf Coast. Am I doing something wrong or looking in the wrong place?


This one work?

Yes, which setting did you find that under?

:icon_smile: I started here:

clicked on the map to get to here

then selected the South Central Doppler Radar 1800 option.

You may like this one better:

but it will not work with WW unless you use the whole page.

You are not limited to the maps distributed with WW. Find something you like and add it. As for animated maps some can be added and some can not. It depends on the animation method used. Animated gif, Javascript, or Java app. The 1st one can be added directly to WW the others can’t.


Kewl! I didn’t know you can add maps… thanks for the responses.