Map menu suggestion

Mike, you need to rename the map category “United States” to “America”, so that it would higher up in the menu, because most who use WW are from the US. I was able to edit maps.ww to reflect this.

I don’t think this should change.
Every web form that requires the country to be inputed lists “United States”, not “America”.

I’ve seen web forms where the name is listed at the top of the list rather than alphabetically. The same could be done with the WW list. It doesn’t have to be sorted.

Personally I find the Map History option from the System Tray icon to be more useful. It only shows the maps I actually use and it’s a much smaller file (MapsHistory.ww) to manually maintain. :icon_smile:

I agree with Jeromy, and with Ed’s assessment - a lot of sites have US / USA as the first entry, and then the rest of the countries alphabetically. Since the assumption is that the majority of users are from the US, doing it this way would probably be the best.

However, if you want to show no country preference, then keeping as is is OK too.