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I am using the last version of weather watcher. Have one question is there a way to make the pointer mover the map, of have the point move the map closer to your location?

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The map in the “Now” section is not movable. It should be centered on the location of your selected weather station.

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The Now map is present as a WunderMap centered on my location. However, it also include part of the settings bar on the left and the map is not the current weather, even after refreshing.

Which version of Weather Watcher are you using? Got a screenshot so we can see what you’re describing?

The version is 7.2.203. Created a jpg of the map window. map window Not sure how to do otherwise here… The map seems to be ok with updating the actual weather centered on the weather station when refreshing or opening the program. Or did. Now it just shows the map without weather. So inconsistent? The setting are still there. I think you mentioned the actual map image is not changeable from being centered on the weather station???

Please try upgrading to version 7.2.225 (the current version).

Updated and it looks good. Played with a few things and all seems fine. (Seems because it is a computer…)
Thanks! (I do like using the program.)