Map Image Link under settings not retaining link

I added a map for weather underground under the ‘Settings -> Map Image Link’ and it does not retain the link if you open up settings again. Also, the added map is not the same height as the default WU map. Can this be set or added to the next version?

I found the same after I update the weather.

The map width is currently fixed and the map height auto adjusts. Since all map images do not use the same dimensions, forcing the map to a certain height would distort the image.

Rather than adding fixed settings, do you think forcing the map image to auto resize to fit the available white space would accomplish the same goal? When you increase the width of the main window, the map image would grow in height and width, and vice versa.

Well, when I used to adjust the map size before, I always did it in the skin files where is was set at 280px for height, as there is no width declared there. I set that at 400 and it adjusted the width automatically to the right proportion of the newly set height. But that was before Weather Underground was added. Do they do it differently?

The map for weatherbug is always short in height for some reason. It would be nice to have that set the same way, if possible.

The WeatherBug and Weather Underground map images do not use the same proportions, so a fixed map height or width will not result in a map image of the same size. If you set both the height and the width, then the map images will always display using the same size. However, you’ll then see that the map images look distorted because they will be stretched to fit the fixed height and width.

So, just setting a pre-defined height for all maps won’t resize the width automatically to what is should be then?

However you want to do it is fine by me, Mike. I just think the map should be at least as tall as the 3 forcasts on the left, for both the weatherbug and weather underground maps. Also, for any maps you add in the settings (Map Image Link).

Yes, but then the problem would be the width of the Weather Watcher Live window. The map would sometimes be too wide to fit within the viewable area.

I’ll try my idea to auto resize the map image and see how well that works. If it doesn’t work out well, then we’ll try something else.

Sounds like a plan to me. :wink: