Map Flyouts are small and blank

Installed newest version on Windows 8.1 and the map flyouts (after I add more maps) are tiny and blank. Can’t read anything because there is nothing there.

Please post a screenshot of the US (Pennsylvania) maps that are selected in the Map Manager. I’m wondering if they are displaying in that list properly and want to try selecting the same maps on my computer.

Does the map menu display as expected after restarting Weather Watcher Live?

I assume what you want is this partial Map Manager list. It is also Northeast maps. None of the flyouts show correctly. The maps are fine, but with blank flyouts, it is hard to know which I am choosing.

No, restart doesn’t work. I have updated the program twice since posting and it is still the same.

While not the ideal solution, you could grab the slider at the bottom of that list and slide it to the right.

No this is not what I am talking about. All the map flyouts are blank. See this image…

No matter what map I add, the flyouts are all the same (blank) - like the ones above…

Forget it. I figured it out. It was Stardock WindowBlinds 8 interfering. Flyouts are fine now. Thanks.