Map doesn't update

The map doesn’t update itself, and I can’t figure out a way to do it manually.

Which map are you referring to?

The map that appears when you move the cursor over the globe symbol, on the toolbar in my configuration. It seems to be updating now, but only about twice a day.

The map image should update when the other information is updated on the toolbar. As long as you don’t have “Never auto update” selected in the “General” section of the Options, the weather data should be updating in the background at the selected auto update rate.

Which version of the extension are you using?

I’m using version 1.0.18. The weather station updated 4 minutes ago; the map is dated 6:15 am (it is now 12:13 pm where I am). (Also, I’m using Firefox 14.0.1.)

Are you using the default map, or did you enter a custom map by right-clicking the toolbar and choosing “Change Map…”?

Which weather station are you using? I’m running the same version of Firefox and the extension as you. Perhaps I’ll be able to reproduce this issue by using the same weather station.

The map I’m using is … 4945918004

I assume this is the default, but I’ve fooled around with it so much to make it work, that I don’t remember which map I’m on.

The station is zip 10034, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School. Note, the weather station has also had some issues updating. It stopped working for a while, but I got it up again by disabling the application, then re-enabling it. It’s worked fine since.

Yes, that is the default map. If you right-click the toolbar, choose “Change Map…”, and the default dialog box is blank, that means you’re using the default map. You would see a URL entered in the dialog box if you changed the map at any point. If you clear out that URL and click “OK” on the dialog box, you’ll be back to the default map again.

I’ve been checking that weather station on and off over the past couple of days. Every time I open Firefox and hover over the globe icon, I see the latest map image pop up. I can tell it’s the latest by clicking the globe icon to see the animated map, and comparing the time on the last frame of the animated map to the time on the map image that appears when hovering my mouse over the globe icon.

For the times your map is not updated:

  1. Do you see the updated map if you click the globe icon to view the animated map? Or is that map also old?

  2. Does it update if you right-click the toolbar and choose “Retrieve weather…”?

  1. I do see the updated map if I click the globe icon.

  2. It updates if I choose “Retrieve weather.”

For a while today, it was working just fine, and I thought it had somehow been fixed (or that it fixed itself). But about an hour ago it stopped working again. I just ran the above two tests.

Now the weather has stopped updating, too.

When either the map or weather stop updating again, then please do the following:

1) Hover your mouse over the temperature on the toolbar and see what the “Last Downloaded” time shows in the tooltip. Is the last downloaded time recent?

2) If the last downloaded time is not recent, then restart Firefox and repeat #1 above. Does restarting Firefox cause the last downloaded time to update?

When I woke up this morning, the latest update had been 11.8 hours ago. I restarted Firefox, and the update was 0 minutes ago. The map updated 17 minutes ago.

Does your computer sleep at night or is it always on? If it sleeps, then the weather would not update again until your computer wakes up. Depending on what your update interval is set to, it could take 5 minutes or more to update after your computer wakes up.

The weather is supposed to update when Firefox starts. It looks like that’s working okay.

I’m thinking one of the following is occurring:

1) Other extensions are conflicting with the Weather Watcher Live extension. If you have other extensions installed, you could verify this by disabling all of them and waiting to see if the weather/map stops updating again.

2) The weather and/or map stops updating on your computer after Firefox has been open for a while due to some issue within the Weather Watcher Live extension.

Can you verify that #1 is not occurring before we attempt to dig into #2?

The computer is on 24/7, so that’s not the issue.

I have eight extensions running, in addition to Weather Watch, so I’m not excited about trying (1). Meanwhile, everything is updating normally, so I guess there’s nothing to do until something starts to go wrong. I’ll then bite the bullet, and let you know what happens.

Yes, I understand where you’re coming from. It’s the next thing to try though. I know there have been a few other cases where people found other extensions were causing similar issues.

Well, the app has worked perfectly now for more than a week. I don’t know why it was broken, and I don’t know how it got fixed, but clearly there’s nothing more to do on it now so, unless something goes wrong again, I guess we can consider this issue closed.

Thank you for your help!

Steven Ungar